Operational Modifications to Mitigate the Spread of COVID-19

Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate through the operational changes needed to ensure best possible protection against COVID-19 – all aimed to provide our guests with our usual amenities while assuring a safe and healthy operating environment.

As you enter our facility, we ask that you agree to follow the CDC, federal, state, and county guidelines regarding COVID-19 during your visit. In general,

  • If you are sick, have medical vulnerabilities or are considered high risk, please postpone your visit to the park and remain at home.
  • Individuals attending our facility need to maintain social distancing of 6 feet with anyone outside of their household group.
  • In addition to proper social distancing, you must practice proper hand hygiene and cleaning to protect you and your family and our staff.
  • Campsite and rental unit occupants are limited only to members of a single household or living unit.
  • You are the primary person responsible for your own preparedness. We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety from any virus or sickness during a visit to Door County Jellystone ParkTM. This means you accept this risk for yourself and those visiting in your family.
  • For the protection of our guests and staff, we will implement frequent sanitization procedures following CDC guidelines.

Remember, adequate social distancing and sanitization are primary measures needed to protect our guests and staff. Please do not come within 6 feet of any staff member or individual that is not part of your immediate family or group. Use face masks, if in doubt, and while in our Ranger Station Store. We also ask that you actively wash and sanitize your hands frequently.

Operations at our campground will be significantly modified to comply with recommended social gathering and distancing guidelines.

Ranger Station and Store:

  1. Staff will regularly sanitize all touchable surfaces, including door handles as you enter.
  2. Guests should be 14 years or over to enter and shop in the store. Children under 14 years should be accompanied by an adult.
  3. No more than 5 guests in the store at one time, and keep 6 feet between guests.
  4. Staff and guests must wear a mask while in the store.

Goodie Shop, Mini Golf, Rentals, Activities, and DJ Dance:

  1. Staff will regularly sanitize all touchable surfaces, including counter tops, rental equipment, and arts & crafts supplies.
  2. Staff and guests must wear a mask when interacting.
  3. Guests are discouraged from congregating in large groups.
  4. Keep your group size to 10 people or less.
  5. Please follow social distancing signs as posted.
  6. Yogi Bearwill be appearing in Campground Drive-Bys to maintain social distancing requirements.


  1. All bathrooms will be sanitized frequently.
  2. Guests are encouraged to follow social distancing and handwashing/hand sanitizing guidelines.
  3. Please follow social distancing signs as posted.

Playgrounds and Train Ride:

  1. Playground touch points will be sanitized frequently.
  2. Yogi Bear Express Barrel Train Ride touch points will be sanitized after each ride.
  3. Families are encouraged to maintain social distancing from parties not in your group.
  4. Please properly cleanse and sanitize hands before and after use of equipment.

Swimming Pools:

  1. Please sign up at Goodie Shop before entering pool area.
  2. There are revised requirements for capacity limits at the pool. You may be asked to leave after 1 hour if there are people waiting to enter after capacity is reached. You can re-enter when available.

These guidelines are subject to change.

Thank you for your patience throughout this transitional period! We appreciate your dedication and support of our facility!

Door County Jellystone Park™ Management